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Hickory NC Photographer | A day off

Wow, this is such a good question! Most of us don’t shoot every day of the week. We all have families and a life outside of our photography business even though some days it doesn’t seem like that! As your go to Hickory, NC. photographer; some days I swear I eat, sleep, and breathe my business! Some nights my husband has to pry the computer out of my hands while I am already asleep to come up to bed!

Saturdays and Sundays are my busy days with sessions. Most people are off one these days and its easier for me to find free childcare (here comes that husband word again, hehe). So Monday- Friday what do I do besides those mommy and wife duties?

I edit, edit, and edit some more. A basic portrait session can take up to 3-4 hours alone for 20 images. I like to make sure they are perfect for you. A full wedding can take well over 60 hours to edit! There a full work week there to most people!

Then there is the marketing. I have to figure out how to keep people coming in. I am not Best Buy, Target, AT&T, etc. I can’t afford commercials and billboards for advertising. I have to go out and do leg work. Meeting with clients, making sure previous clients are happy and if they need another session. I have to advertise on social media, with different business’, when I am out and about with family stuff (grocery shopping, back to school, doctors appointments, etc.) I have to market when I am there to. I have to make sure I am still being noticed.

Now we have all the business stuff that comes along. Loss and profit statements, making sure Uncle Sam is getting paid, making sure my gear is clean and still working, calibrating lenses and computer screens. I need to shop for new gear and new props. I have to make sure I respond to Facebook messages, email, phone calls, and order prints. I also have to deliver said prints and work with the clients to figure out what prints clients want and need for their home. Pay the bills related to the studio and home and manage to shower and eat somewhere in between!

I need to make sure all my props for those cute, squishy, little babies are safe and sturdy. I need to wash the blankets they lay on since their skin is so delicate.

Then there are the days that are dedicated to learning! Yes, I still have to keep up with times on editing, composition, lighting,etc. I have to read up on the newest gear and what lens works best for this type of session or what type of lighting is needed for that session. Every day there is something new to learn.

I also have to make sure my kids don’t forget who I am when I am locked in my studio doing all of the above and make sure they haven’t burnt the house down and have more then bread and butter for dinner (Yes there is a little sarcasm in here for laughs).

A lot of this I do on days that I have sessions as well! This business is never ending. I am always doing something for it. However, with all the things that come with this business when I hear a bride say she feels like she is right back in that day from the images I create, or when a mom cries over her newborn photos, or I get the smile from the child that never smiles it makes all of the above worth every minute. When I walk into a home and see my images filling my clients homes from previous sessions it makes me even more excited and eager to do more for my business. This is the life of a photographer and this is my passion!

Two of my favorite prop shops:
Hello Little Props |

Props by Jeana |

I will also always browse Etsy as well for cute little outfits.

I also really adore the vintage dresses for little girls from The Paper Doll |

My favorite places to shop for camera equipment:
B&H Photo |

Adaroma |

Cardinal Camera in Charlotte, North Carolina |


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