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Why you should have a first look on your wedding day!

I have done my fair share of weddings and only 1 yes 1 had a first look. I love first looks. When I say love I mean I am absolutely, positively smitten with first looks. They take my breath away. I wish more brides and groom did them. Here are a few reasons why.

1. The groom sees you first.

This give you and your groom time to take each other in. Bask in each other and how you both look. It gives the groom a chance to react to you and how beautiful you, the bride is at that moment. He gets to see you first. Not the guest in the back of the venue. His view is not blocked by cell phones and people bending out in the isle to see you.

2. You have time to enjoy each other.

Have you been behind the scenes on a wedding day? Its hectic and crazy and timelines are the talk of whats going on. When you do a first look you have a set amount of time that it is just you and the groom. Not 50-100 guests trying to congratulate you or see your dress or your wedding bands. You get to focus on each other. Look around and see the day you have planned with out all the hustle and bustle of trying to get to the next place in the right amount of time. You two can chat and just be the two of you.

3. Photos

Yes I have left this one for the bottom. After the ceremony is over you have roughly 45minutes to an hour between the end of the ceremony until the reception starts. In that time frame you have to fit in formal family portraits, bridal party portraits, and then bride and groom portraits. You also have to accommodate for travel time to the reception if they are at different places. What if you could have a full 45 minutes for pictures of just you and the groom? Think of all the memories you could have and not feel so rushed? You could also knock out the bridal party pictures in that time frame and that means you getting to your reception sooner and being able to spend time with all of you guest.

These are just a few reasons as a Charlotte NC wedding photographer that I love first looks on your wedding day! I love to see the two  of you basking in each others emotions with no one else around. I love to be able to focus on the bride and groom with out a lot of people around and the set time for just you two.

If you have considered a first look I highly recommend it for more reasons than 1. There are definitely more reasons but these are the 3 main ones I can stress on why first looks are amazing.

Congratulations on your big day!

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