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Photographers- A note to you

When I got in the photography business I remember looking at other photographers work and thinking ” Wow, one day I want to be that good!”. I reached out to some of the local photographers and some were so super nice that it made me want to learn more from them. Then there were the ones whose egos and personalty wasn’t the right fit for me.

I sat there thinking how will I learn from the ones I really like if they don’t want to help a newbie like me? I started searching others whose work I admired. I joined Facebook groups for photographers and read their blogs. I reached out to some and guess what some of them have became really good friends and really good mentors.

I met a photographer from New Jersey on a group for newborns. She and I hit it off on a mutual subject that was being discussed. We started chatting through messaging on Facebook and we became friends. I traveled up to Jersey for retreat that I was invited to. We ended up in this little town that had some wonderful antiques shops. We both went in and were in prop heaven neither of us left empty handed. I just love her work! She has this very soft garden look to all of her images. Here lately she has pushed me harder to work on my editing. She has helped me get my images to where I want to be. I still have a way to go but she walks me through step by step, she pushes me, and she supports me. She has also helped me get this site built and help with my blog. She has been one of the biggest assets to me lately.

You can view her work at:

I also met one on a local yardage group that was selling some old props. Of course I like to save a buck when I can so a used prop means more of a discount to me. So now when she sells stuff she messages me and lets me have first dibs. Guess what her and I became friends too! She even came to me for some boudoir pictures and recommended me to her family! Do you know what that meant to me? Another photographer that referred her boudoir clients to me because she loved her experience so much!  This is one of the biggest compliments another photographer can receive. We exchange tips and tricks on certain editing techniques and will refer people to each other if for some reason we can’t do their session.

A network of fellow photographer in your business is a must. Whether they are mutual friends, people on a Facebook group or their blogs that you follow. They will give you constructive criticism on you images. Sometimes it  breaks you down because you thought it was perfect, so when asking you need to have tough skin. Once them point something out you can see what they are talking about and most of the time it will make the image better. They will give you tips on sales that are going on which is a must for equipment, props, tools, etc. Other photographers will also tell you not to give up! They will cheer you on and help you keep the inspiration and passion going.

There is another photographer based out of Florida. She has some amazingly beautiful work. She does a lot of underwater shots. She has inspired me to get an underwater casing for my camera. I have a friend that has a beautiful blonde hair blue eyed girl that will model for me and I am going to focus on an underwater mermaid shoot. I will probably do some on the beach as well. All mermaids come to the beach looking for legs and prince charming right?!

You can view her work at:

Fellow photographer are such an asset to me whether we have talked or not; from the support, inspiration, help, and just overall having hearts of gold to help someone else out. So thank you to all the fellow photographers out there.


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