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2016 a year full of changes!

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Wow! We are already in 2016 and what a whirl wind 2015 was for us here at Bella Ann Photography your go to North Carolina Wedding Photographer and Portrait Photographer. We would like to fist thank all of our 2015 clients for your support and to our 2016 clients we can not wait to work with you and capture memories that will last you a life time. We cherish everyone of our clients and can’t wait to work with you again!

A few highlights from 2015. We moved our business twice, yes twice and had a name change in there. (We will discuss the name change again shortly). However, with all these changes it was a great year! We had well over 50 sessions and we hope for that number to continue to grow.

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An engagement session in our cute little town!

Now I know people are still asking on why I changed my name. The main reason is being that my previous name Studio 3 was already trademarked. When a business name is trademarked no one else can use it. So we had to come up with a new name.

Why Bella Ann Photography? Well, my grand mother and mother in law both had the middle name Ann. They were both beautiful women inside and out. Since Bella means beautiful in Italian I came up with Bella Ann Photography.

Whats new for 2016? I have decided to raise the session fee and include the digitals. My website will reflect this change soon. You will still have the opportunity to purchase professional photographic prints through your online gallery at a discounted rate. I highly recommended you do order from me so your prints look correct. When you print at a consumer lab the quality of the image goes down, the colors are all off, and I cant guarantee that they will last.

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Some of our first studio samples that are so gorgeous in person you must see them!

Some other new things we will be offering will be exclusive limited sessions (these are also known as mini sessions). These will be on a very limited basis and they will be offered to prior clients first then opened to new clients.

We are going to try and make our turn around time quicker for our clients and add an email list to keep you up to date on any specials we may be offering. (Discounts on products, our limited sessions, boudoir marathons, Buy one get one free, etc.)

Our referral program will be different as well. If you have referred someone to use and they give us your name then you will receive a discount of 10% off your next session or any products you may want to order.

We hope you will continue to support us in our new year and in our new location. We enjoy working with each and everyone of you. Be on the look out on how to join our email list. We promise not to spam your inbox with emails. I hope your 2016 is off to a wonderful start and this will be one of your best years yet!

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